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Bailer Jun 19, 2013

  1. Bailer

    Bailer Waiting on the Haynes Manual

    So... Got my A3 Last week. Spending most waking hours on this forum looking at mods, build threads and conversations about Upgrades etc. I think I'm addicted. My work Productivity has gone waaaaayyyy down...

    Unfortunately today our MD came in to announce that due to the loss of a big client that they're looking for voluntary redundancies. If that doesn't work compulsary or pay cuts...

    Mods on the Back burner now until this sorts itself out. :sign_unfair:
  2. Paradox1

    Paradox1 Well-Known Member

    hope everything works out mate,

    Mods can wait, even though they seem compulsary, its not the end of the world. the longer you wait, the more you enjoy it when you have them fitted
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  3. koruptc5

    koruptc5 Member

    oh thats **** news :-/... still, when i get a bad month (no overtime) i look into free mods or even home made jobbies, like my current oil catch can project, i really dont see the need in spending £50 plus on what is just a container to catch some oil.
  4. Bailer

    Bailer Waiting on the Haynes Manual

    You Get Overtime!!

    Ah I'll see how it goes. One of my Team Members has taken the Bullet. (He's got a two hour commute and was considering a move anyway). So I am probably OK. Just have to wait to see do 6 more people take the Money and Go. A Month Salary for each year worked. Its not too bad I suppose. For Me that would be 25k+. Just enough for a MY2013 A3 :)
  5. JudderMan

    JudderMan Well-Known Member

    Start looking for another job, take the cash, but say to the new job (if you find one) that you can't start for a month....spend the monies and spare time on modding the car ;)

    Of course, don't buy a new car with the monies....you might as well burn it if that's the case. It's worth 20% less as soon as you drive off the forecourt (VAT cost). My father in law works at a car garage and has often had people buy a car, drive off, then try and trade it in the next day for a different one as they didn't get on with it. They offer 20% less than the list price - a few grand for commission. It's insane. I honestly don't understand it and will never buy a new car unless I'm keeping it forever.
  6. Bailer

    Bailer Waiting on the Haynes Manual

    The other half is out of Work at the minute and is going back to College in September. So Spending is already on hold. Don't think both of us out of a job will be good!!

    I wouldn't buy a new Car anyway. Quite happy with the one I've just got. Just needs a bit of Upgrading.
  7. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep

    I know of some people that do it just for the new plate registration tbh....

    It's a different ball park with them though as they literally change cars every 6 or so months to keep up with the Jones' so to speak.

    Hope you get it all sorted though OP - that pay out sounds very tasty though; to put it into prespective the company I work for were dishing out redundancies late last year and they only offered 1 week salary for every year you'd been here!

    Plus they had a maximum cap at 12 years - so 3 month wages would be maximum pay out for anyone who took them up on the offer!
  8. Bailer

    Bailer Waiting on the Haynes Manual

    I'm In Ireland. Minimum is 2 Weeks (Statutory Redundancy! Even if your Company doesn't pay you or has simply ceased trading/gone bankrupt. The Government Does.) So they are matching the Statutory, Last batch they did (in the Credit Crunch) was 6 weeks!...That Would be a nice Package!! I'm not sure but I think it's capped at 52 Weeks (i.e. a Year). But that's 13 years service. Not there yet.

    An Extra 25k would be really nice! So Many things above a new car on the List however. a Holiday for example.

    There's no Guarantee of a Job however. I could be out of work for over a year like the other half. who has 2 Science Degrees then did a Masters. Still can't get a job and is now off to do teaching!!

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