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DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOLOGY Jun 5, 2008



    You cannot imagine how i feel right now. I am going crazy from anger.

    I parked my a4 cab outside a company i had meeting with and beacuse i was in a hurry i forgot to do the handbrake. The car moved backwards and it went after 10 meters over a bump and it stuck there due to the fact is low so theunderneath of the car stayed on the bump.

    I said ok since nothing serious happened i will just call the rescue line to raise the car a bit and take it off the bump. i checked the car nothing happened to it nothing at all. The guy came and goes to me ooooooh dont worry its a pice of cake he took some wooden boards and placed them underneath the tires back and front. He tells me ok we will push BACKWARDS. I tell him isnt it better to push it as it climbed here front? No he goes to me better backwards.

    He moved to the front and pushed the car with great force. the car speed up and before i jump in to hit the brakes, the HOFELE front bumper hit so hard the bump that it came off hanging on one side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went crazy, i took him by the neck and ready to hit me hard and they grabbed me and took me back. I called his boss came there told me that anything that the car wants or needs i shall do to it and cover all the costs.

    Now my problem is if the bumper will be fixed correctly or shall i bring a new one
  2. chris_20

    chris_20 Member

    ouch nasty- at least there covering the cost for u. if you think your in need of a new bumper then go for it, its at there expence
  3. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    Mudda Fucka! Bet you was Livid...

    even if you dont need a new bumper then you STILL need a new Bumper, they're covering the cost so go for it, Id rinse them!!!:icon_thumright:

    Either keep your old one or sell it, some extra compensation aswell, a new bumper freshly sprayed.
  4. WHITEY_1

    WHITEY_1 Member

    New one...
    Awhile back by friend had a similar problem with his type R, he replaced the existing bumper and the gap on the left hand side to the wheel arch was about 8ml difference to the right hand side. If your car hit it with some force there will definetely be a difference in it compared to a new one! Where it has been under stress the paint work will eventually have like an antique look to it where the stress has been. So I would tell his boss to replace it with a new one. (thats my option anyway)


    Yes you are right, i am at the process of brining a new one. thank god the mask didnt hit on anything just the bumper. So i will just bring the bumper

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