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Damaged Remote Key Fob

jonreynolds Sep 27, 2007

  1. jonreynolds

    jonreynolds New Member

    Hi all,

    I have just bought a 1998 A4 TDI and the remote flip that came with it is a bit bust.

    It actually functions, as in the button lock and unlock the doors and the key starts the car but the actual condition of the key is poor. The flip mech is bust and the previous owner has glued the key blade permenantly open (badly too).

    Was wondering if I can just buy any similar secondhand key (i.e. same two button shape) and just take the key apart and swap over the necessary bits (electronics from inside and the key blade presuming it is whole) and put them into the good working body?

    Also the trip comp screen is all blotchy but from reading I realise I have little choice with this other than a whole new set of clocks from a dealer...will live without that.

    Also on the heater controls, it is the type with all electric buttons (no dials) one of the buttons is a * asterisk type symbol, like a snowflake...am I right in presuming this is AirCon? if so it don't work lol.

    Cheers in advance!


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