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damaged brake pad sensor

beerglass Oct 10, 2006

  1. beerglass

    beerglass Member

    Had the wheels off last night to clean.
    Noticed the AUdi dealer who had my car for 1 month to fix a shock problem has broken the brake pad sensor and it was hanging.

    I pulled it ( alittle ) to see if it would break and yes it has.
    It was already broken and flowing about. Where the 2 plug ends connected and then clips to car it was damaged and wouldnt clip back onto the car.

    Now its broken off.

    Should I get Audi road side to come out or just buy a new part from spares.
    I cant be assed to book the car into the stealer and wait 4 weeks and run the risk of the idots breaking something else.

    The car isnt due its first service for another 6 months and now get an error on the DIS.

    Would audi road side come out and replace this ?

    Many thanks
  2. wilko

    wilko Top Gear

    You'll probably have a hard time proving that the stealer actually broke it, and i'm not sure it'll be covered in the roadside assistance - but you could try. Good luck, keep us posted how you get on.
  3. daveflynn

    daveflynn Member

    Which end of the cable is broken, Car side or pad side?

    The bit that clips to the car is car side, so getting this fixed may be a little more tricky.
  4. beerglass

    beerglass Member


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