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Dam annoying vibration!!!

ashmo May 23, 2012

  1. ashmo

    ashmo Member

    This sound is really annoying me I've checked everywhere I can and cant see anything but its coming from the engine area, happens in ever gear at the exact same point of pressing the accelerator just before the Dump Valve starts to make a noise even if its slight or hard acceleration it was doing it with the OEM dump value but have got a 007p installed now and its starting to get louder and louder, it doesn't do it all when standing so can't pin point it!!!! Tried to catch it with my iphone but its not the best :/

    Another note it won't do it straight from cold but 5mins later after warm up ohhhh ye starts again :/

    Turn your speakers up haha

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    225 2001

    Any ideas???
  2. tonks s3

    tonks s3 Member

    i had the same problem with my s3, my bottom engine mount had sheared the bolts and jumped out of the engine mount holder... maybe worth a look :)

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