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DABmotion - Universal Digital Radio

Cruiser89 Dec 12, 2013

  1. Cruiser89

    Cruiser89 Advanced In Car Tech Site Sponsor


    Hey guys!

    DABmotion is the latest Digital Radio Upgrade system for your car! It offers a really flexible and effective method to integrate digital audio to any car that has an existing AM/FM audio system.

    Now we have spoken in the past about AutoDAB which uses your MFSW to control the system. DABmotion is operated using a sleek and very OEM (Factory) looking wireless remote controller. It allows you to quickly operate the DAB Interface in conjunction with your current stereo. All text and DABmotion messages will be shown on your current screen. It works with all FM RDS compatible headunits which makes it truly universal! Gone are the days of having a remote the size of your TV remote at home or losing a tiny credit card shaped one!

    No need to worry about losing your music or getting the horrible crackle whilst listening to your favourite station thanks to the patented AFC (Automatic Frequency Change) system! This allows you to continuously listen to your favourite DAB programs without the need to change the FM frequency manually.

    Top Features:
    • Wireless Digital Radio Interface
    • Patented Auto-tune technology
    • User-Friendly Operation
    • Rotary RF User Interface
    • Store your favourite stations Station, track & artist information displayed via RDS text
    • 3.5mm AUX in
    • High performance screen mount antenna included
    If you want to check out any more info on the product then check it out via the link below!

    DABmotion Universal Digital Radio Retrofit | Advanced In-Car Tech


    Below is a quick Review of the product that we fitted in a Bentley Continental GT!




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