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DAB radio and slideshow/radio text

gr4z Mar 25, 2014

  1. gr4z

    gr4z Member

    I have a B8 S4 with MMI 3g and DAB. I know some DAB radio stations broadcast 'radio text' and/or slideshow details, such as track listings and album art. Can you set this up to display automatically when selecting stations? The only way I can find to display radio text is manually go into settings and turn it on for each and every station. It then gets reset when you change to another station.
    Seems stupid.
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  2. enoliver

    enoliver Member

    I'd love to find the answer to this too; on my dads Merc, once the radio text is selected, it stays on, even if the car is parked up for a while. I find it irritating that I have to set it every time.

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