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  1. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    I was wondering what would be the easiest way to get DAB or similar into my AV setup:

    I was hoping for something with some level of integration into the channel scrolling, etc, but I doubt I'll find it - my main priority is to keep everything as OEM* and discreet as possible, so a glovebox install is the obvious way to go, but what to put there.

    * Audi or discreetly integrated with Audi parts, but definitely does NOT have to be A4 B6 kit!!

    My setup is standard 2005 RNS-E, standard BOSE and also an Audi R8 multifunction steering wheel, glovebox power adapter with 2x12V and USB power points and shortly an Ampire DVBT-400-3G (USB media player and Freeview+), which I believe has a spare AV line in.

    My two options that I have already are:

    iPhone AV adapter - which gives me another audio and video player and will allow me to use internet radio: I have a fairly hefty data allowance on my contract already, so I doubt this would be an issue, but would depend on 3G signal and tie my phone into the radio - so incoming calls might be a bit fiddly (i.e. might have to restart any internet radio app), plus I already have 8Gb music via the RSN-E SD cards and a audio and video media player off any USB devices with the Ampire player, so I wouldn't be getting any beneift there...

    Pure Highway DAB tuner - which can feed back into the Ampire AV line in, so I'll get a very good signal, it's a proper DAB tuner, so incoming telephone calls will switch to my phone and then back to DAB source. It does need a new aerial, but I can mount the Highway "external" one on the edge of the windscreen and run the wire into the glovebox where I can then keep the Pure Highway (and it can charge off the USB charger).

    Given it's only <£50, not dependant on a phone, is pretty effective ( I had one in my Golf), will not cost anything to run and will connect (although not fully "integrate") pretty seamlessly, the Pure Highway SEEMS to be the way to go unless anybody has any suggestions??

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