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Dab Aerials how to mod to fit

rich dj Sep 11, 2006

  1. rich dj

    rich dj Active Member

    I Fitted a Panorama AM/FM/DAB powerd aerial that looks the same as the Audi factory fit.
    the problem comes when fitting the FM/AM Aerial lead as this is seperate from the Dab which is an aditional cable which is to be run to the front supplied with the aerial from Panorama themselves (i also ran a power lead to Aerial power too as did not get a good signal on FM from my Sony Head unit when Ant power set to phantom on Make sure phantom power is off when you run an extra power lead)
    The FM lead does not fit so you have to release the spring clip on the audi lead with a screwdriver(watch your fingers though) then you have to file of the thread in the panorama FM/AM lead until it fits in the plug, put in slowley as the pin in middle must locate
    Then sorry to say this makes a good connection but will vibrate out if left so i used Quality insulation tape to bind up together.
    Keep all bits to refit Factory aerial when selling car.
    PS Panorama told me they did not supply the AM/FM lead it should be in car...

    IF you have a Sony HU or a problem getting Dab lead to fit it thats another thread if anybody is interested.:blink:

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