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D2 S8 New owner, few niggles...

-ollie- Jul 14, 2012

  1. -ollie-

    -ollie- New Member


    I've got a 2001 Audi S8 which I'm chuffed to bits with, but I've got a few queries. I've got decent mechanical knowledge having been playing with various BMW M cars for the last 5 years, but this is my first "proper" Audi, and I've no idea where to start on the below.

    1. It's got the tiptronic g'box, and when there is a lot of lock on the steering and pulling away at low speed there is a small vibration or shudder that can be felt slightly through the steering wheel. No noise accompanies it, just this slight shudder for a couple of seconds until the lock is wound off the steering. It doesn't do it on anything other than nearly full lock. Presumably this is suspension componentry related? The g'box shifts very smoothly and quietly all time with no untowards noises, so I'm hoping it's not related to that.

    2. The engine management light is on pretty much permanently on the instrument binnacle. although on a long drive recently it did go out for a time. I'm thinking this is 02 sensor related? Can anyone confirm?

    3. The airbag light came on briefly today and set a beeping alarm off in the centre of the instrument cluster with a (!) exclamation mark, then went off again. Presumably this is an intermittent occupancy sensor fault? How can I go about fixing this? It's now off and has been since, but it's a little frustrating.

    4. Drivers side rear window is completely inactive, and doesn't respond to front or rear switches. Anyone had this before? I've no issue with whipping the door card off for a nose about.

    Think that's about it, other than that it's a bloody good car.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. tonyp

    tonyp New Member

    Make sure you change the gearbox fluid ASAP. Have your steering rack checked for the shudder vibration you feel. Won't be the gearbox causing this. D2 model gearboxes are prone to self imploding! You must change the G/B oil every 30K and the engine oil every 5K. You should have highly enjoyable trouble free motoring provided you always keep the engine well serviced.
  3. 27litres

    27litres Love My Quattro

    Late to the party, sorry!
    I assume you have the engine light problem sorted by now, but those sorts of problems always require VAGCOM/VCDS checking to find out what the car thinks is wrong.
    Mine (also 2001 FL S8) has a similar shudder on full-lock ( and only full-lock) when attempting to accelerate.
    I originally thought it might be the CV's as I renewed the fronts right when I bought the car.
    But I'm now starting to think it's the torsen diff binding under torque loading when the wheels are doing very different speeds, as when I'm coasting or slowing down and go to full-lock, I get no such vibration.

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