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CVT Service

shedder101 Jul 29, 2012

  1. shedder101

    shedder101 New Member


    just like to pass on the info i have obtained.

    i have a 2002 A6 2.5 TDI CVT at 100,000 and it had a slight shudder that got worse when hot.

    i have read the horrors of the cvt gearbox and feared the worse, however i did see that the service at 80,000 had been missed, trying to find a local garage to service the box, I am in the west midlands i was lucky there were 2 within 5 miles of me both quoted similar price around £175, they both said servicing was critical

    a friend who owns an A6 told me to ring my main dealer, after a laugh i did, as the car was older i could have a discounted rate from £174 to £151 all in

    i booked it in and had the very impressive dealer experience, told them about the judder they said the service should rectify it, as it was a totaly mechanical system. The box suffers from holding in to high a gear when slowing or just stopped causing a slipping clutch syndrome as if you want to pull off in third. this made sense to me as i had noticed when ever it juddered i flicked into manual and i was in 3rd at 8mph uphill no wonder it juddered.

    since the service the box has got better and better they told me the new oil would clean out the valve body and as the box is adaptive it would re program it self

    i can still get a very slight judder if i dont give it enough gas on pull off but thats me and extra 500rpm and its fine, the clutch should last to 150,000 dependent on use, i must say the gearbox is smother and more responsive than a trad toque convert and economical i get a good 30+ around town fantastic

    the dealer says to service the box every two years -40,000 miles this i intend to follow as i intend to keep the car.

    i know the flashing PRND on the dash is a ecu problem but the rest is mechanical and we service the engine dont forget the rest

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