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CV Joints failed

Nuno_rules Feb 2, 2010

  1. Nuno_rules

    Nuno_rules New Member

    My local dealer in Liverpool told me that my CV has failed. I knew that. As if I couldn't hear it.
    They replaced the CV boot in January 2008 while the car was still under warranty.
    They say that the CV joint can fail while no leak from the cv boot is apparent and therefore isn't linked to the CV boot. My car is no longer under warranty and therefore I am expected to pay.
    I told them about it during my last service in November 2009. But they didn't see anything at the time.

    Mind you even today, they still can't see any leaks with the CV boot.

    My question: Can a CV joint go faulty for another reason than the CV boot leaking though a loose band or a puncture?
  2. 330_2_S3

    330_2_S3 Member

    I'm surprised that the CV boot was covered by warranty as I thought that was a wear and tear issue.....?

    I would ask another dealers opinion if you ask me.
  3. 10blazin


    what did it sound like when your CV failed was it vibrating at all ....

    I was told by Audi i had to replace the CV joint as it was wear and tear .
  4. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    Generally running without grease can cause premature wear on the CV joint or if it ends up dry will destroy it in no time at all. Its a hard one, damage could have been done before the boot was replaced depending on how badly torn it was.

    Is it whinning or clicking?
  5. Nuno_rules

    Nuno_rules New Member

    They didn't managed to do it, yesterday. Apparently they ordered the wrong part, so they brought me the car back.
    Now I am supposed to change the driveshaft, they said last night.
    I asked for more details as I find it a bit vague, they had to go and find out because no one is too sure over there.
    They intend to pickup my car, replace the driveshaft, the CV joint and the Cv boot and bring it back to my place of work, but nothing has been confirmed.
    How can anyone be sure that they have replaced a CV joint unless they give you the old one.

    Basically I have had a little rattle which got worse over a period of 3- 4months. Last week, it was so noisy, i thought something was going to fall of. It is mainly when I am accelerating and turning right. But since I have been on the motorway at the weekend, the noise is very faint now.
    Even on a tight right corner.
    I looked at it myself , took a few pictures, and by comparing the left and right wheels, I noticed that the left wheel is dirtier, coated in black sand , while on the right side I can see the metal, no coating , relatively clean.
    That made me think, because it isn't shiny with grease, it is more likely to be a ring undone omn the CV boot instead of a puncture in it. Oil could be leaking very slowly over a period of 6 months or more.
    My current argument with Audi is that they replaced the CV boot while the car was under warranty in January 2008, and I would expect the work to last longer than 2 years and having to replace all of it as previously mentioned.

    They are saying, "your car is no longer under warranty".

    They have a list of things excluded from warranty, but I did not see CV boot anywhere in it.

    My car has 43000 miles on the clock. A CV boot should last longer then 20000 miles, especially if it has been after the first service.
    Shouldn't it?

    It isn't clicking, it is more of a ratatatata when I turn.

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