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CV boot replacement

dex140 Feb 27, 2012

  1. dex140

    dex140 Member

    Anyone ever done one of these? Think mine has split so wana do it before my MOT, i will be using a cone to get it on.......are there any other specialist tools that i wil need?


  2. MTRL

    MTRL Split Grill!

    Ive got to do mine soon aswel.
    Someone has suggested these gaiters that you can wrap around the joint and glue together. Seems too good to be true, im sure they will be **** so im going to do it the hard way.

    I think you will just need a torque wrench and M10 socket, not 100% sure though
  3. roman3000

    roman3000 Member

    Its a fairly simple job

    Undo the wheel and jack BOTH sides of the car up when changing the cv boot/joint or you wont be able to get the cv joint back into its socket in the wheel hub.

    1. Undo the bolt that holds the cv joint in place
    2. Undo the 3 ball joint nuts and remove from the wheel hub by prying it off with a crowbar or something similar
    3. Undo the steering rack bolt and remove the rod
    4. Now you should be able to remove the cv joint from its socket
    5. Remove the old cv boot and replace with a new one
    6. Reverse the steps and put everything together

    I did mine a while ago but I think this is the process i went through, might be of some use to you.

    As for tools you might need hose crimps to crimp the clip to hold the cv boot in place securely, and a long bar to help undo the bolt.

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