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CV Boot Gaiter - spurting grease

cameron1 Jun 13, 2009

  1. cameron1

    cameron1 Member

    Audi found I had a split in the front left CV Boot gaiter - so I took it to a new VAG specialist garage which opened a short while ago near me and asked them to fit a new one - this was a couple of weeks back.

    I decided to give my hubs/calipers a clean and paint today and noticed that lots of grease had been leaking from the new gaiter they put on and has been flung up inside the wheel and wheel arch.

    I can't contact them today as they aren't open, but do you think the car is ok to drive over the weekend?

    Will take it back on monday to get them to fix it. (Don't think I will be using them again!)
  2. RobinA3

    RobinA3 Well-Known Member

    its hard to say if you can still drive the car as the joint could seize due to lack of grease but all depends on how much you are going to drive it and how much grease is in the boot.

    i'd personally not drive it.
  3. cameron1

    cameron1 Member

    yea... guess it is pretty obvious really, I think most of the grease has come out. Weird though because the clamp seems pretty tight - just not tight enough I guess.
  4. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Well I would remove the wheel & actually undo the boot & check inside to see how much grease is in there, I reckon either **** fitment without doing the clips up properly which sounds like or didnt change at all, is it a new boot visually?

    It should be fine to drive tbh, I doubt it will seize just for the weekend, I mean if you left it standing maybe but not all the grease would come out, it will always have residual grease anyway for the minimal time its been undone.
  5. cameron1

    cameron1 Member

    Yea its defo a new boot and a shiny new clips -

    So I reckon they either put the clip in the wrong place or just wasn't tight enough. Shame, cause they seemed like nice chaps when I went to see them... they both had a modded A4 parked out the front - but that has put me off using them again.

    I did think about taking it off to have a look, but I might as well just take it back on Monday to get them to fit it correctly (hopefully).
  6. S3OPES

    S3OPES New Member

    My friend had the same problem on his st yesterday but his had a hole in it. It was only fitted the day before and it looks like they accidently pierced it whilst fitting, whether they new or not, thats another question but he cleaned his up and gaffer taped it which got him through an 80 mile round trip with only minimal leakage.
  7. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    Your story is exactly what happened to mine too. I found out in the end that there was nothing wrong with the new one, it was just grease left on the outside when fitting by an over enthusiatstic fitter! Once that was cleaned off i had no issues. It was a bitch to clean off the inside of my alloy though!
  8. cameron1

    cameron1 Member

    Yea I thought that might be it, so wiped off all the grease I could find, went out for a spin and found new grease splattered around the inside of the wheel, so must be leaking.

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