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Custom wheel adaptors

GPSGPRS Jan 25, 2012


    GPSGPRS New Member

    I need to convert 5x112 Audi A6 to 5x120 BMW 3 series fitment.
    H&R make them but they want £150/ pair!

    Talk to me..
  2. I've been shocked at how much the hubcentric spacers cost too. I was looking at 35mm ones in order to fit a set of late A3 S-lines on my Allroad, similar cost and are 5x112 to 5x112. I cant justify the cost, let alone suck big spacers on a 2 ton car.
    I'm in the North East and have heard tell of a friend of a friend (yeah, I know) who works in a machine shop and has access to all manner of lathes and plasma cutters etc, I have seen some of his work...namely a pair of rear trailing arms custom made for a friends mk3 Escort RWD conversion....very impressive and tidily done.

    I shall endeavour to ascertain as to whether he would be willing to knock a few sets of custom spacers out. Cost being the main issue of course.
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