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Custom exhaust question

mitalm Jun 6, 2010

  1. mitalm

    mitalm Audi A3


    I am thinking about going to get a 'custom' exhaust from a longlife branch in basingstoke, just wondering what people's opinions are of the exhausts?
    I say 'custom' because I know that it's a pre-made backbox put in with the specified tail pipe, but I think I'd prefer this as hopefully they will raise the pipes and cut into the valance to make it look much nicer.

    I am also thinking about lowering the car and am wondering how low this new backbox will sit in case it causes any problems with speed bumps etc...


  2. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    Hi Mital,

    I also spoke to basingstoke longlife about an exhaust for my A3, they were more than happy to make the cut into the bumper to get it sitting right.

    One thing I will say though, the price they quoted me for a custom twin box catback system was about £30 MORE than a proper miltek turbo back fitted at Rtech.

    Still, I'm told it's brilliant quality stuff, and it has a lifetime warranty too

    I'd advise lowering the car first I were you, as when you lower it the position of the beam changes, and often causes exhusts to knock. If you take it in already lowered, they have no excuse if it knocks.
  3. mitalm

    mitalm Audi A3


    Oh I was quoted £339 for catback system, the problem for me is that my A3 is a 1.8 non-turbo so it's insanely difficult to find exhausts for my car at reasonable prices.

    I am thinking that I can haggle it down as on ebay the Watford longlife are putting up auctions that give the buyer a custom exhaust for £275 including fitting tailpipes etc. So I'm sure that if I say that if you can't budge on price then I'll just go the extra to Watford whilst still saving money... No idea though, I'll have to see what happens when the time comes.

    I have enquired to a few performance places, JKM Performance in Portsmouth being one of them and they have said that they wouldn't really be prepared to fit a Golf 1.8 exhaust incase there was problems and also they didn't say anything about cutting the valance when I asked.

    Out of interest how much were you quoted?

    Yeah I probably will lower the car first and then ask them to make sure the exhaust is well off the ground when fitted.


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