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Custom Code: Phase Two(Custom Remap)

solaris Jun 24, 2010

  1. solaris

    solaris Member

    So I have had my A4 DTM custom mapped with the additional hardware:-
    ITG Panel filter
    2.5" Test Pipe
    Milltek cat back
    Autotek HPFP

    The cars performace is now very linear and progressive in comparrison to my previous REVO stage 1. The revo map has a very agressive torque curve and that was not my thing at all. The large torque curve of the revo had its trade offs the power was all over by 5000rpm no point pushing past this mark.
    I was after a map that spreads power across the rpm range and was smoother delivery wise. I hear good things about Custom Code for exactly this type of map. I popped down to Storm Developments with my requirements and they flashed the ecu. It took about 40 miles for the map to adjust however after this the car performed exactly how I wanted it to. I am very happy with the performance its smooth through the rev range and files to 7000rpm with a great deal of urgency, it has soo much more power at the top end of the rev range! I love it. So "How much power is it putting down?" I hear you ask, here are the figures:-

    Power at the fly wheel:-

    Power at the wheels:-
  2. Chris79

    Chris79 On my 3rd A4! RS4 next???

    That is a good result! How are you getting on with it now? Mpg much worse?

    I have a 220 tfsi and I'm contemplating a remap, I also want it linear not a heap of power in one go.

    Are you near Storm? I'm in Notts.

    Cheers Chris

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  3. solaris

    solaris Member

    Hi Chris, yes im still very much enjoying the power..... Steady crusing, driving around town I havn't really noticed a big diference in MPG (still over 30mpg in 6th at 70mph) but obviously when you give it the beans more fuel does get used however due to the design of FSi the MPG is still pretty good for a 300bhp car. I would recommend the map if linear power is what you want. Storm is near Reading, im about 11 miles away.
  4. Rombus

    Rombus New Member

    Solaris, do you have links to where you bought all your upgrades from, and think i may be being a dunce here but what is the HPFP?

    I have an A4 2L TFSI Quattro (197) with generic map at the moment, but due to either needing a new engine or top end rebuild i'm contemplating taking it a bit further, Don't fancy the Ko4 option any more and what you've had done seems like very little effort needed for good power there. Any info would be ace.

  5. solaris

    solaris Member

    Hi Steve, HPFP stands for High Pressure Fuel Pump, you can buy a kit from JBS to upgrade the components of your fuel pump Link
    You can buy the Test Pipe(De-Cat) from ebay just search for "B7 test pipe" sellers name is "superhighvelocity". The Test pipe is manufactured by VMR and its a pukka bit of kit.
    The ITG panel filter you can buy from camskill. Link. Finally the remap was done by Storm Developments in Reading but im sure your nearest Custom Code agents will be able to help you out. also I would suggest a decent cat back exhaust. Thanks
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2010

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