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Custom Code Phase 2

Fast,not furious Nov 11, 2008

  1. Fast,not furious

    Fast,not furious Dealing with an OCD

    After another call to ExhaustsUk about the problems i've been having since the addition of the TBE,they put me in touch with JBS Auto Designs.

    They seemed pretty sure the problems were down to the fuel pump,so,filled with confidence,i headed off down to Chesterfield,where the guys checked out the car...sure enough...i needed a better pump. The addition of the TBE was putting too much demand on the OE pump,resulting in fuel starvation and therefor loss of boost.

    I'm now very happily running a CustomCode Stage 2 map,with pump specific software,an Autotech fuel pump,and a Forge DV, on their recommendation.

    How does it feel? Well,very smooth delivery of power right through the range...it's power,power,power! The guys reckon it should put out 340+ on the dyno,they were well impressed with the way she responded to surgery!

    Top marks guys,i love it,no fault lights,no hesitation accelerating,and no loss of power...and in their words 'she f******g flies mate!'

    I had a cheap 10,000 mile service whilst there,too!

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