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Custom-Code Phase 1 - Customers Review

Discussion in 'Custom-Code UK' started by Custom-Code HQ, Apr 24, 2008.

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    Nov 10, 2007
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    Hello all,

    Here is a customers review of the Custom-Code Phase 1 software that we installed:

    Re Custom Code remap RS4 4.2 V8,
    I can honestly say that I was more than surprised at the improvement that the Custom Code remap has given my RS4, I was convinced after using the car daily for just short of a year in standard trim that there was very little that could be done to create an increase in power or drivability from a remap, short of serious engine upgrades I was nearly sure that any gains would be minor and hard to notice on the road.
    Wow, how wrong was I, after receiving the software from James at CC and him assuring me that I would be pleased with the results I began to get a bit curious, could that peach of a motor get even better?
    A bit about my RS4, it is totally standard and at the time of the remap it had only done 8000 miles, the only grumble I had with the performance was the low down power delivery, sure when it hit 5000 rpm it pulled hard to the red line which is why I was near certain the remap wasn’t going to make much improvement.
    As soon as the ECU was flashed it was left to idle and get the oil temp up, ready for its first test, I was secretly hoping that it would be better as I was beginning to loose a bit of interest dare I say in the car and now was the time to find out if James was pulling my leg or not…….
    No sooner had I pulled away the difference was there, it was totally different, I had only accelerated 100 yards to the junction and I could feel straight away the improvement, the throttle response and surge forward from low revs was unbelievable, the revs picked up cleanly and quickly up to the limiter in 1st which is now 8500 rpm.
    Time to find a decent stretch of road to get an idea of the improvement in the higher revs and gears, it just gets better and better, the rush that the car used to have at 5000rpm now feels even more defined and the fact that it now revs to 8500rpm is just brilliant, it has made the car a whole load better for me, on my favourite stretch of road there were a couple of sections where before I would have to change into 4th where I found it a bit sluggish as I was really too slow for 4th but too fast for 3rd if you can see where I’m coming from, now the extra 250rpm means I can hold 3rd longer which has made that section of road even better, obviously a private road of course.
    The power delivery is now way better, it revs higher and pulls harder and it does everything you would hope to get from a remap but rarely do, especially when a car is naturally aspirated.
    I have now covered over 2000 miles with the remap and I’m constantly impressed, I have seen just shy of an indicated 175mph, in 5th gear just on the limiter, I jest you not, the car just keeps going and going, with the right stretch of private test track and not the A5 I hate to thing what the car will do with its legs stretched in 6th.
    I have owned a huge range of fast cars (911 Porsche’s, numerous highly tuned VAG 1.8T’s in a range of cars, old Shape RS4 to name but a few) and bikes (currently Yamaha R1 and a Ducati 1098s on the road), I work with cars daily ranging from 1.0l Polo’s to RS6’s, so its safe to say my opinion and experience counts, the Custom Code remap is the business.
    Jody Lees

    I hope this helps


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