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Custom-Code - Order Online Today for 10% Discount

JBS Sales Jun 14, 2013

  1. JBS Sales

    JBS Sales Member

    Many Performance Upgrade Software / Remap / Chip suppliers claim the smoothest and most reliable power gains and the most extensive development.

    With Custom Code, you can be assured of this.

    It is no secret that writing code to cater for the enormous variety of bolt-on performance parts isn't easy. Parts from different manufacturers such as exhausts, air filters and cold air intakes to name a few can vary wildly in their performance gains, not to mention big turbo applications and other major engine modifications.

    There is only one true way to get the maximum potential from a modified vehicle and that is where we at Custom Code beat the competition hands down.We have the best Programmers, VAG Technicians and sources of information in the field and our R&D Team are obsessed with perfection. All Custom Code remaps are based on real-time rolling road tuning. We have thousands of hours invested in the research and development of our products. This ensures the best possible generic and custom remaps available in the world today.

    Owners of non-drive-by-wire, early version ECU and normally aspirated vehicles have always had a rough deal when it comes to performance software. We have recognised this and in addition to our turbocharged applications, we now offer Custom Code for these vehicles that offers real gains in both power and drivability.

    The ability for Custom Code to be switched back to an accurate interpretation of standard is now available to all Custom Code customers. Those with Petrol Engines can use our Custom Settings program, which is available free of charge on our Downloads page. Owners of Diesel Engined cars can use VAG-COM to switch between up to three different programs.

    At Custom-Code we reflash your ECU using our specialised hardware and software systems. Our serial port programming tools allow us to re-program your ECU without having to solder the EPROM chip, in fact without even opening your bonnet! Our reflash system plugs directly into the on-board diagnostics port (OBD) and will reflash most ECU types in under 10 minutes. If your car is non-OBDII compliant, we can of course install a Custom Code Chip.

    Visit our website today and order online to receive your 10% discount

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