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Custom-Code Fuel Pump Specific Software

Discussion in 'Custom-Code UK' started by Custom-Code HQ, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Custom-Code HQ

    Nov 10, 2007
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    We are proud to announce the release of the new C-C pump specific software “C-C PSS" for the 2.0tfsi.

    Working closely with Autotech , C-C and JBS have the sole distributor rights in the UK for this exciting new hardware and software combination. We are able to supply fit and map with C-C PPS, both the 200bhp and 240/260bhp versions.

    Previously the limits of tuning were always restricted by the need for more fuel. This meant keeping within a certain boost level and maintaining rail pump pressure and a safe AFR. The main problem is maintaining the rail pressure. Normally 110bar at max request. As soon as the rail pressure drops below a certain value the ECU tries to protect by removing boost and closing the throttle and running a VERY rich AFR, wrongly referred to as "fuel cut". The maximum boost that generally could be used was around 0.8bar above 5k and a spike of around 1.4 bar dropping fast to 0.7-0.6bar at the red line. Most of which over time has been put down to the "small" ko3 turbo fitted to the 200bhp versions. Now with C-C pump specific software and the Autotech pump solution, we can request in the region of 135bar maintaining rail pressure at much higher boost levels and still maintain a safe AFR. Boost levels of 1.7bar spike and 1.2 bar @6k show some very healthy increases in both torque and bhp. The K03 turbo on the 200bhp version is far more capable than ever expected or previously believed. Torque increase from 250ftlb to some 320ftlb and a healthy C-C phase 1+ 255bhp now shows an astonishing 290bhp. We have a Demo Mk2 Leon at HQ for demonstrations so please feel free to call us and come feel the difference.

    Pricing for the C-C PSS falls under the C-C Phase 2 bracket at £452.38 inc VAT with our present 30% discount offer.

    Here is a picture of the Autotech fuel pump which can be purchased from JBS Auto Designs for £238.48inc VAT

    Kind Regards

    JBS Auto Designs/Custom-Code

    Full dyno plots and data logs posted early next week

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