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Custom A4 sub box for sale

nunzio42 Jun 8, 2003

  1. nunzio42

    nunzio42 New Member

    This is a custom box made for my 2001 audi a4, but will fit all vw as well as b5 and b6 (a4) trunks. The box hold 2, 2001, 10inch kicker comp vr subwoofers (4ohm models). The box is made out of fiberglass, and is covered in a gray carpet to make the box look clean in our trunks. In the middle of the box there is a plex-glass window with a tribal audi design. This window was wired to light up with 2 street glow (blue) neons when the trunk is open. The neons are installed within the box. This box was used for appx 1.5 years and was never truley pushed to it's full capabilities. Both subs ran off a 300 watt amp and sounded sweet. The subs were last year model. the box is slim so one can still access their spare tire with ease. for pictures please email me at NUNZIO42@aol.com I am asking 250 obo for this custom box. I would prefer pick up in the miami/westpalm area or tampa/st.petersburg (FL) area. This is a great deal, any offer will be taken into consideration, i need the money to pay off my student loans! Thanks!

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