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Curtosey/Loaner Cars

Matthewbaldry Dec 2, 2003

  1. Matthewbaldry

    Matthewbaldry Member

    I noticed a couple of you guys talking about this the other week, please could you explain.

    Under normal circumstances what is the situation for getting a loan car while yours is worked on.

    Do you get an equivalent replacement? ie another A8
    Do you just get whatever they have kicking about in the yard.
    When are you entitled to a loan car, for servicing/warranty/etc?

    It is a position I have never been in yet but it looks like my car will be off the road for a few weeks having a re-spray. This is one of those "no admittance of liability" but we know its our fault kind of things and I was wondering if I should be entitled to a loan car during repairs.
  2. bfg

    bfg New Member

    This is what generally sorts out the good guys from the indifferent.

    With an Audi main dealer, there are normally courtesy cars available for you (but you may have to wait longer for a service/work). With my local Audi dealer (who has my car for 2 days), you will get an A4 / A6. However, as I have an S8, they have loaned me their new A8 demonstrator. I regard this as exceptional service as I did not buy the S8 from them.

    1 thing I would question though, is why it is taking 'a few week' to do a re-spray.

    Good look

  3. GeorgieMcC

    GeorgieMcC Member

    If your car breaks down out of warranty you have vertually no chance of getting a loan car once the dealer has your car on their premises. Are you going to pay to have it towed away? If you still have the choice of where you'll take/have towed your car you may have some leverage. I have an old (96) A8. We did use to get A4's until I miffed off the service adviser (caught her being imaginative with the work needed), then we begrudgingly got A2's (but I love'em!). She's left the firm so it's A6'/A4's again.

    If the work is down to them, insist on a replacement car, you may have to put the respray back a few weeks though!
    Good luck,

  4. SvenS8

    SvenS8 Member

    The issue is whether you are entitled to "mobility warranty" (blunt translation).

    If you have that (requires: all stamps in service booklet, all services done at Audi and you have this lifetime free service!) you get a similar car. So S8/A8 = A8 loaner.

    I agreed on the A6 since it was a bit of a hassle for them to get the A8 available, and I didn't want to cause any inconvenience. But he said I was entitled to an A8 loaner.

    Hope this answers your question. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif

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