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cup holders....

jonny87 Apr 10, 2010

  1. jonny87

    jonny87 Active Member

    ....i dont have any :(

    the only ones i got are the useless mouldings on the inside of the glove box lid, so what are my options?

    i have two thoughts, firstly could i retro fit a centre console out of another s3 that does have the fold out cupholder, the only ones i seen with this have the satnav screen in, did they make them without the satnav but still with the cupholder?

    second thought is find an insert that fits inside my armrest, have looked on the bay with no joy?

    help appreciated guys as its really bugging me now :banghead:
  2. leshkin

    leshkin Hold my beer... VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Team Sepang Audi S3

    Can you post photos of your console? I'd imagine that its a trip to a dealer or ebay to get the cup holder as it's a slot-in unit. On a facelift A/S3, the cup holder and the ESP buttons are interchangeable, so should not be a problem. Not sure about the pre-facelift cars.

    As far as armrest cup holders, then be prepared to clean inside your car more often as you'll be knocking those drinks over with your elbow when changing gears :)
  3. jonny87

    jonny87 Active Member

    good call with the armrest idea, as if its not poorly designed enough i would be adding to the issue!!

    il get you a pic if you want, mines a pre facelift no esp no satnav cc with the two screens at the bottom, id imagine theres no room behind my fascia for the cupholder to fit into to, if it wasnt designed to be there in the first place

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