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  1. colinurquhart

    colinurquhart Member

    Hi I'm kinda new to this forum, normally on Fiat forum as also have a new shape Bravo. Anyway I have cup holders that sit just behind the gearstick in my 98 a4 avant that have been partly pushed into the centre console and was wondering if anyone had this problem or knows of how to get them out. Cheers
  2. squeekya4

    squeekya4 New Member

    pushed mine in the other day! same problem!
    the rear part of the console is removable. so start with the handbrake cover and using a small screwdriver dislodge the clip underneath the front part of it and pull it off.
    remove the second section by simply pulling it forward.
    now lift out the ashtray at the rear and undo the nut retaing it.
    slide both seats to the rear and at each side is a small prise out cover oval shape. carefully prize this out and behind are two retaining bolts remove these.
    now carefully remove this section of console up and over the handbrake.
    once turned over the its easy to spot the tongue that has come out of its location point. undo a screw and put every thing back in place and refit!
    took 15 mins to do.
    if the diagnostic plug is at the rear end of you console be carefull to unplug or in my case i could just remove the console with it connected.
  3. colinurquhart

    colinurquhart Member

    cheers mate will give it a try this weekend and let you know how i got on,
    thanks Colin

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