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Cup Holder Retro Fit - Pre Facelift

Pmol66 May 13, 2013

  1. Pmol66

    Pmol66 Member

    Hi people,

    This is my first thread so bear with me :)

    Half of this is a guide and the other half is just showing you how i did it because you may find a better way than my bodge... I mean improvisation ;)

    Feel free to input anything that will make this an easier or better job :)

    Here are some of the tools i used.[​IMG]

    -Dremel type rotary tool

    -8mm spanner

    -Straight edge


    -Stanley knife


    This is how mine looked before. And a pic of the cupholder i'll be bodging. I mean fitting.



    Part number 1M2862531C 1M1862531C From the Seat Toledo but the Leon cupholder also fits - 1M2862531D 1M1862531D

    -The face of this will need replacing as its not the right shape to fit the audi trim. Two of these blanks will be needed


    Okey Dokey

    Starting by removing the glove box will help, giving more space later on. 3 torx screws inside, one outside, at the bottom right corner and the rest are behind the cover you can prise off with the door open. Unplug and remove...

    Remove the ashtray with the one philips screw and unplug.

    Remove the stereo. (My be different if you have a cage.)

    Carefully prise the trim starting from the bottom and remove.

    Pri out all four switches and unplug them.

    Undo the two screws at the top of the cage to allow you more access.

    Push both the ESP and Rear Screen heater connectors into the cage and out somewhere you can see enough wire to play with.

    At this point i was unsure of what to do with rear heated screen switch so i cut the plug off and extended the wires out towards the glove box. Will need relocating if you have heated seats. If not, you should be able to get it back behind the trim.


    I think i can live without the ESP lol so its been taped up.



    Line the stereo compartment with a rag or something to catch the mess your about to create :)

    To get both heated seats on the right. The left one needs opening up.[​IMG]
    Thats quite simple as you just need to copy the hole next to it.


    Now onto the tricky side.[​IMG]

    The main bit that has to go is the central divider


    These bits are best removed from the bottom of the holder-[​IMG][​IMG]

    The rest is up to you. Its just a matter of trial and error.

    If you think you have it in ok. Make sure the cupholder operates because if one of the clips on the outer casing are pushed in, it wont work. I removed one of them.

    I used a cutting disc to remove most of the plastic above and finnished off with one of the small sanding stones.

    I ended up with this mess :)

    *see the two peices of plastic glued on the left side of the opening. That will stop the switch from tilting (its very close to one of the clips on the cupholder)


    When you have gutted your cage enough it should look something like this[​IMG]

    Make sure it operates then remove.

    Unplug the two pins that hold the face of the cup holder on and remove the face [​IMG]

    Put the c/h back in place and secure it some how, making sure its level.

    I used Liquid metal and Araldite as thats all i had at the time. Make sure its nice and level and let it go off before putting the other switches back in.

    Reassemble and we have nearly done.

    View attachment 15489

    View attachment 15490

    View attachment 15491

    Im just waiting for my blanks to arrive :)

    Hopfully will be tomorrow..........
    Last edited: May 13, 2013

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