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CSA, becoming more of a joke than a rant

Kaibo Oct 19, 2011

  1. Kaibo

    Kaibo Member

    Not once since dealing with these monkeys have they not messed up each month, and I mean every single month. I told my ex 2 weeks ago that they hadn't taken the money, again! Only today has she phoned and asked me to phone them and sort it. So I phone them, telling them that yet again they have messed up and failed to take any money, they informed me that I had overpaid so didn't need to, last payment taken was £333, I assured them they were wrong and that they had intact taken £180 at their request. While he checked with his manager I checked my bank, they had taken £333, how the hell do you get £333 from £180? So it turns out the money I had put aside for her is actually mine, happy dayz.
    They really are the biggest bunch of idiots I have ever dealt with, before I used to be fuming each month because it was a stress, now it just makes me laugh, I kept telling her CSA was a bad spiteful decision, I told you so springs to mind, aye fank you ; )

    PS This is a happy rant.

    Cheers Kai
  2. ayr_audi_nut

    ayr_audi_nut Member

    Wait til your watching your kid 90% of the time and the ******** are still trying to take £380 a month of you, I've had nothing but hassle from this organisation for 10 years.

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