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Cruise Control Retrofit - Where does the Repair wire go!

jsh712p Aug 5, 2009

  1. jsh712p

    jsh712p Member

    Hi all,

    Following on from my previous post regarding the ECU removal!

    I have successfully installed the new stalk. However, after looking at the wiring harness on the steering ECU, I noticed the pin 13 isnt populated. I believe this is where the repair wire need to go?

    My car is late 2004 - and from reading other posts confirms my suspicions that I need to run the repair wire.

    It did come with the kit, and I have installed it in Pos13 in the Steering ECU harness, but following the instructions that comes in the kit i have no idea where the 'Radiator Tank' connector is!

    I have read other posts about this, and someone mentioned removing the wiper cowel to gain access. The instructions dont seem to mention this - but they do refer to workshop manuals for procedures, so I may have missed this step.

    If someone could confirm this for me before I take anything else apart that would be great! Ive investigated under the dash (ive removed the lower panel) and cant see anything that fits the description - so im guessing it is under the wiper cowl.

    Thanks again in advance, as you guys are always really helpful.

  2. PiloTT

    PiloTT Member

    Yes.. the connector box you are looking for is beneath the upper cover and cant be seen from under the dash.
  3. jsh712p

    jsh712p Member

    Thanks for the assistance. The cruise is now all working, had to code the controller and the engine ECU, and it all works.

    If anyone is in a similar situation and needs help give me a shout.


  4. A1DEYB

    A1DEYB Well-Known Member


    Please can you provide step by step instructions on how to install cruise?

    Am i right in thinking the kit is around £70?

    My A3 is a 2005 (05).


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