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Cruise Control as fitted by NHN

wanton Jun 22, 2013

  1. wanton

    wanton Member

    Hi All,
    I was on this forum in the early hours of this morning (about 2am) when I received a PM from NHN regarding a question I had about the VCDS cable. We were chatting for a bit before I mentioned I wanted cruise control. I asked for NHNs number which he gave to me and after a chat about bits and pieces for a good 20 minutes NHN had agreed to come to my door the following morning and fit the cruise for a very competitive price.

    Later on the morning as promised HNH was at my door and got about to fitting the cruise. It was a bit of a shock seeing my steering wheel ect off but after reading many posts from NHN I had full confidence in him. I would say after about 1.5 hours it was all put back together again and tested. He also advised me of a fault that had come up on the VCDS which I would never have known about and probably would of not HAVE been able to get it fixed under warrantee as there is only a few months left on it. So not only did I get a great price for someone to come to my door and fit cruise he has also probably saved me a few quid by warning me about the module that is failing.

    So really this is a bit of a plug for NHN (Nigel) top bloke and great prices. Also did that little bit extra and didn't ask for anymore money. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    p.s. Just make sure you have some tea if he is coming around your house! HE don't work without it!!! lol
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  2. Tempy

    Tempy Member

    You were chatting from 2am and then Nigel came that same morning? He must never sleep. Maybe copious amounts of tea is the secret to eternal life. Maybe that's why my misses drinks so much of it. To make sure she outlives me :)

    Excellent stuff. My last car had cruise and although I've gotten used to not having it. I do miss it on the odd motorway run.

    What else you got planned?
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  3. ~dadam02~

    ~dadam02~ New Member

    Funny you posted this as I was just thinking earlier today whilst stuck on a variable speed section of the M25 that I could really do with cruise control. Whereabouts on Nigel based and what kind of price are we talking for a retro fit? (Please pm if you don't want to post on this thread)
  4. wuta3

    wuta3 Well-Known Member

    LOL Just what I like doing, reading love-letters and fanmail to other people.

    What I do know is that Nigel 100% probably deserves them.
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  5. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

    Guy comes highly recommended by many forum members..
    Most jobs are not difficult, but do require some unique skills and special aptitude.. When in doubt use the good guys like NHN.
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  6. wanton

    wanton Member

    Yep loved the help he gave me yesterday. I will be using him for further stuff in the future that's definite! Looking at upgrading the sat nav unit as some dodgy git swapped the cars one out with a MK1 unit. This when the car has optical parking the ***kers! Maybe TV/DVD as well but got plans before that re security of the car. :ninja:

    Once again anyone thinking of using NHN I cannot recommend him enough!
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