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Cruise Control and DIS Questions

PhilW Dec 14, 2011

  1. PhilW

    PhilW Member

    Im gettin the parts together to retro fit DIS and Cruise but had a few questions.

    I got access to vag com and have used it for a good few years but if i do run into trouble coding the new SWCM (i have to buy one as mine does not support CC or DIS) will the standard functions work such as indicators etc.. i.e everything still works? Or do i need to code as soon as i fit it?

    Also, I can get a steering wheel control module 8E0 953 549 "Q" but wasnt sure if this one is ok to use with my 3 spoke sports steering wheel?

    According to the ross tech website it should be fine...

    Cruise Control Retrofitting (8E) - Ross-Tech Wiki

    Many thanks.


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