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Cross-eyed headlights - problem solved!

AndyF Dec 13, 2013

  1. AndyF

    AndyF Member

    Quite some time ago I posted a problem with my main beam lighting up the side of the road and not the area in front of me. I then realised that my headlights were totally crossed over so the left one was illuminating the right side of the road and vice versa. I was able to adjust them up and down but that was it. I Googled it and found a couple of others had the same issue but they didn't seem to have an answer to the problem. Well, I finally figured out what was wrong with mine so thought I'd post this up to help others in the future that may have the same problem. Basically the 2 white plastic hex screws on each unit adjust up down and left and right however mine wouldn't go left or right. I discovered this was because somehow the headlights had been so badly adjusted that the part that moves within the housing had actually hit the lip inside the headlight unit at the front meaning it couldn't move as it was wedged. It has actually made some small notches in the mirrored plastic where it has hit it. In order to adjust them I had to raise the headlight aim up high enough to clear the lip then I could move it across so the aim points forwards. For some reason the nearside light is still touching the lip and the offside is miles away from it but at least now the beam pattern is spot on!I always get frustrated when I find an old post where someone has the same issue but then never updates when (if) they find a solution, hence this post!
  2. SmoothAssault

    SmoothAssault Will design for mods

    Never heard of this issue myself, but you're right, it is really frustrating when you find an old thread updated with, "problem now solved" and no explanation, lol.

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