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Crewe Audi RS Brake Sale Huge Savings Upto 30% OFF!!!

creweaudiparts Feb 27, 2018

  1. creweaudiparts

    creweaudiparts t.fox@creweaudi.co.uk Paypal : parts@.co.uk Audi Main Dealer

    Hi Guys,

    We have a huge sale on RS brake discs at the minute,please see below!

    8J0615301K MK2 TTRS Fronts x18 £395.00

    8k0615601G RS4 2013-2016 Rears £588.00

    8U0615301B X12 RSQ3 Fronts £480.00

    4G0615301AH X13 RS7 Fronts £745.00

    4S0615301B X14 RS4 2013-2016 Fronts £660.00

    **If your model is not listed please comment or pm and ill see what i can do!**

    Pads also available!

    Shipping within the UK included!!!

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