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Credit Card Cloning - Hemel Hempstead.....

spuddie007 Jan 5, 2007

  1. spuddie007

    spuddie007 Thomas the Tank Engine - Choo, Choo!

    Hi All

    Just thought I'd warn anyone out and about around the Hemel Hempstead area not to use a credit or debit card in either the Shell Garage or the BP Garafe on Breakspear Way. My credit card was cloned before Christmas at the Shell garage and this week at the BP.

    Barclaycard are aware of the situation, I'm just lucky it was my company credit card so I'm totally covered.

    Anyways - just beware........

    Spuddie :)
  2. 205man

    205man Active Member

    we have similar problem in worcester involving all 3 bp garages.

    they are all run by the same family and were caught in the summer last year , they were then caught again not long before christmas.

    the cloned cards were being used in malaysia etc

    but this is the best bit in our local paper, the police have said they dont have enough evidence to prosecute anyone for it? wtf!!!

    they know which days they were cloned and the cctv shows who was serving but still hvent got enough evindence.

    i bet if i went down the road doing 31mph in a 30 zone they would find enough evidence

  3. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Thanks Spuddie for the heads up.
  4. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    WTF !!!!:wtf: :wtf:
    they should be beaten, whats the point of catching them if no one can "do" them. It seams the police are just thinking it's ok the cash is insured through the card company. Much the same as thieves break into your house/car and think it's ok to take these items as they are covered by insureance.

    Sorry for the rant, pet hate
  5. treblesykes

    treblesykes Member

    some bonzo used my egg card last week to buy two apple computers, they were due to be posted to my home address???, Egg suspected it was fraud and phoned me and then apple to cancel the transaction. The card was in my wallet all the time.

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