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creaking steering

Jamerson Oct 4, 2009

  1. Jamerson

    Jamerson New Member

    Hi all, after a bit of advice......

    I have a really noticable creaking (seems to be more passenger side) when I turn the steering wheel left or right.
    I've not tried to see if I can get someone to stand and listen outside the car whilst I turn to see if it's audible from the outside.
    It seems more noticable at lower speeds, bit that's maybe because you turn the wheel more at low speeds for manouvering etc.
    It doesn't sound like the PS motor.
    Has anyone got any experience of this?

  2. luckymacy

    luckymacy Member

    did you ever figure it out? I am starting to notice the same thing. At first I thought it was the driver's seat creaking as I leaned in turns but it's gotten worse to the point where it's obvious it's from the steering column area.
  3. farooq

    farooq New Member

    Hi there, I have had pretty much the same experience. The steering also seemed to make a very rough kinda noise when turning left or right. I had it checked out and the mechanic mentioned some kind fault in a pulley or something or another. However on the plus side the noise dissapeared almost as abruptly as it began. And now it drves and sounds fine. To answer your questions it will probably sound worse to someone who's outside the car.

    Kind regards
  4. andy16vturbo

    andy16vturbo Member

    have you checked the level on the pas resovoir? it could be summit as simple as low fluid? also, ive read that you can remove air from the system by holding the car on full lock for a few seconds.

    my pas pump was making slight noise, this was sorted by doing both of the above

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