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Creaking / noise from front end

Discussion in 'A3/S3/Sportback (8P Chassis)' started by markm,, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. markm,

    markm, Member

    Feb 9, 2014
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    [Mar 24, 2014]
    I'm about 3 weeks in to owning my A3 and starting to notice a creaking noise coming from the front , I thought it was the engine to start with :-0 but reving the car at stand still it's not there ?

    but rocking the car with no engine running I can stick hear a creaking noise but I tend to get it when be moving, slowing down pulling off exact when the cars geometry is changing , so I'm hoping its top mounts or something related to suspension , has anyone else had similar problems ?

    Im im sure there are a million and one threads but they all seem slightly different ?

    thanks in advance :)
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