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Creaking Clutch Pedal

ub7rm May 24, 2012

  1. ub7rm

    ub7rm Active Member

    Wondering if there is an easy cure for this or indeed if its likely to be considered under warrant, I've a 59 plate S3 sportback and with the warmer weather we've been having I've noticed my clutch pedal makes a noticeable creak / squeek just at the top point of travel and its driving me crazy.

    Also there is a hell of a creak on cold days from the plastic trim somewhere around the hand brake - anyone had this and what have you done? I've temporarily silenced it by shoving a thick cloth down beside the passenger seat and the centre console but this is far from ideal.
  2. daver555

    daver555 Member

    Do what the garage would do.........silicone spray! just don't over do it and wipe up any excess. Can't be too carefull with the pedals!!!
  3. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    Is it inside the car, or under the bonnet?

    Master cylinders (end if the pedal) can creak, seals dry up.

    Slaves (on box) can do the same, as can the bearing on the shaft itself etc.

    Need to confirm where it's from. Should do it with engine off, and all the time if so.
  4. ub7rm

    ub7rm Active Member

    It seems to be more temperature dependant than anything. I would say its coming from inside the car and does it with the engine on or off. Warm = creak, just at the top of travel. Barely have to brush the pedal to make the noise. I think the stealer will be getting a call then, could be more serious than i first thought...

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