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CRD-t DTUK Tuning box removal

Shadowman May 13, 2014

  1. Shadowman

    Shadowman Active Member


    I just wanted to let everyone who is thinking about how easy these boxes are to fit and subsequently remove know how easy it really is............It took me about 5 mins to fit the tuning box via the two connectors to my A4 3.0tdi 245bhp last year ( and most of that was for the turbo sensor as it is a bit tricky to get to first time ), and maybe 5 mins more to route the cables correctly, and that is without any particular mechanical knowledge, just common sense, the pictures which come with the box and one chat with ABYSS.

    I have just taken the box off the car, as I am selling it and getting a company car and that was even quicker.........30 seconds to disconnect the top connector and maybe 1 min for the turbo connector...it really is ridiculously easy for a unit which makes such a massive difference to the cars performance. I have to admit that I am really missing having it fitted as the car seems like it is towing a caravan without it !

    Anyway, just wanted to dispel any worries people may have had about the ease of fitting / disconnection....if I can do it, anyone can !

    Oh, and my unit is in the classified's if anyone is looking for one.


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