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Crawley Audi

Andy H May 30, 2010

  1. Andy H

    Andy H Member

    Just like to big these guys up a little. Bought my car from them a month ago and they had all sorts of extras that stand them out from the norm, overnight servicing for one. However one thing they do offer is free car washing for the life of the car if you buy from them. So today I called them up to book in and then popped the car down.

    Now I was expecting just a quick external wash over and that would be it but in about 40 mins they gave it a very good external AND internal clean plus wheels and tyres re-blacked. I have to say I was quite chuffed for a free service :)

    Nice to have something good to say about a dealer.
    Last edited: May 30, 2010
  2. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    Lol.. that's pretty awesome, my local dealer could'nt care less about customer service unless your paying for something.

    Took almost 3 hours to get my free MOT done, Leicester Audi if your reading this your a bunch of c$$$s

    You also don't have the common decency to answer my emails.
  3. Nu-Tec

    Nu-Tec New Member

    sorry to say bud i would never the dealers clean my car!!!

    dont know if it the same with audi but everytime bmw used to service my old car they would give it a valet, even when i told them not to (bit funny about other people cleaning my cars) the 1st time i got back it was covered in swirl marks, the second time it had a scratch on the wing, when i told them about they ensure me it was there already.
  4. Shez

    Shez Sheridan Audi Cabriolet Owner Group S-line owners group

    Sorry Mate I don't have a good thing to say about Crawley Audi. I purchased my new A4 cabriolet from them 18 months ago, when I picked it up for the first month it was going backwards and forwards. The car had contaminant all over the paint when I went to pick it up; they had no car for me to take instead of mine and insisted that I take my non perfect car. The first course of action was to acid was it that did nothing and so to cut a long story short, they then machine polished it catching the boot panel then when I went to pick it up they had curbed one of the wheels which they then replaced. I took my problems to many motoring magazines along with trading standards had meetings with the dealer principle with my solicitor (The old dear!)
    I will never buy a car from them or use the service department even if they are cheaper than my local dealer, Brighton Audi have done all my warranty work without any quibbles don't wash mine or the others half car and give me really good deals on servicing. Big up to Brighton Audi and Stuart on service.

    Glad you had better luck than me, definitely wouldn't let them wash my car if you value your paint work.
  5. Andy H

    Andy H Member

    That really sux! It's when things go wrong you can really tell if a dealer is worth while and you have a very good example of it going very wrong. Sorry to hear it bud and thanks for the heads up on both Crawley and Brighton.

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