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Crappy FAI parts!!!!

terrysingh Oct 8, 2007

  1. terrysingh

    terrysingh Member

    word of advise guy only buy Lemforder or audi suspension parts when you go to replace any wishbone parts, i recently had a eibach shocker go faulty which had nothing to do with the sh!t parts fitted, it was just one of those things, but when i was inspecting the control arms the top two and the lower front are lemforder and like new but the banana shaped rear arm is a fai part with a powerflex bush, basically the ball joint is knacked and the gators ripped....nice only been on the car 3-4months all the other genuine bits are like new,

    there goes another 60quid on a replacement part. my advise....stay away from cheapo parts, and beware of ebay bits too

    shhh dont tell the misses!!!

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