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Crank sensor failing ?

MattS5 May 9, 2006

  1. MattS5

    MattS5 Active Member

    Anybody had this on the S3 ?
    Sat at the traffic lights last week and the car just cut out. Took a few seconds to turn over and fire up, when it di, the EPC light came on in the dash.
    Took it to a specialist near to me, who hooked up Vag Com and told me something about a possible crank sensor being the fault code.?
    Anyway, he reset the fault and off i went to see if it came up again. For 4 days its been fine, but again this morning, whilst sat in the commute to work, the car stopped again, and the light came on after re starting.
    (after switching off and switiching on again, the light has now gone off)
    Before I go and blow £xxx on a new crank sensor, has anyone else had similar probs?
    Car is as my signature and has covered 30k
    Anyone any idea of cost for the sensor too ?

  2. neil.c

    neil.c Senior

    If you think the crank sensor is playing up I would recommend changing it. The one on our golf gti16v packed up earlier this year and the car had to be recovered, the engine did not run again until it was replaced £90 for the part
  3. RichA3Turbo

    RichA3Turbo ...Watching you! Moderator

    A minor part, but the engine just cant run without it. Just change it and be done with it.

  4. MattS5

    MattS5 Active Member

    Cheers for the reply folks.

    Its booked in Monday. I also realised I have an aftermarket warranty on the car, with Warranties online, so will see just how "good" it is.........
    The cost is £170 fitted ncluding VAT.

    Has anyone else had one fail on their S3 out of interest ?
  5. When my s3's cambelt broke, the dealer repaired the engine.

    On the "techs" testdrive he noticed it was'nt pulling correctly and diagnosed this sensor was faulty, took my dealer a couple of days to get one, it's been ok since
  6. MattS5

    MattS5 Active Member

    Quick update for those interested in getting claims through on 3rd party warranties...........
    Car was in the garage today, and they called Warranties on-line for a claim number. No probs at all with validating the claim, so the job has been done and I just have to pay a £50 excess.
    Total bill was £162.21 inc VAT, so i've clawed back just over a £100.
    Ok, its not the whole cost of the initial warranty (£250) but at least it gives me confidence in the product they sell. I still have 5 months to run on it yet, but would seriously consider re-newing it if the price is still around the same.
  7. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    warranties online? I'll have to consider them next month when my audi cover runs out... still looking at the AA warranty too..

    was the work done at robinsons? were they happy to deal directly with warranties online?
  8. MattS5

    MattS5 Active Member

    Nope. I took it to Clive Attowes in Norwich. Far more experience with VAG cars than Robinsons. In fact he's probably forgotten more than they know

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