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Cracking service from AMD..

imported_CurryMilkShake Jun 24, 2005

  1. praise where its due, etc, given that we love to slag dealers off when we get bad service...

    having had a few months of fun driving since my AMD remap, I was concerned that sometimes the car seemed a little smokey, and spoke to AMD aout it.

    Very helpful over the phone, they agreed with a diagnosis here that it may be overfuelling under some circumstances, and the car was booked back in today for them to check over.

    Arrived there about 9am today and sat in their waiting room, with free drinks, cans, plasma TV, playstation, electric recliner/massage chairs, arcade games and every car magazine you can think of (this is how it should be done!!!)

    They spent two and a half hours double checking the car.. no problem found, (and plenty of reassurance provided), theyve reset the parameters fro the adaptive elements on the ECU just in case, really really helpful.. and NO charge at all!

    Thanks to Ed, and all there - Cant recommend AMD enough really, its not just about a good product, its all about looking after your customers!


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