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Couple of weird problems

X7YLE Oct 20, 2009

  1. X7YLE

    X7YLE New Member


    Couple of wierd faults with my A3 1.8T Quattro hoped someone may have some clues on them.

    1st. Was driving other day suddenly "pop", on comes my Engine Managment Light! Car is driving fine no problem so next day took it down to my Local Audi Place "Sports Tech" in Ilkeston. Had them plug it in. Fault came back (forgive me im not very technical) saying it was something to do with the Cat. However they cleared the light and said it didnt come back on straight away. So they said give it 100/200 miles see if it comes back on :blink: so i'm doing just that but it seems wierd.

    2nd. Radiator fans are NEVER spinning up (though this wasnt reported on the computer when they plugged it in for engine light). asked them to look at it, said it doesnt seem to be that the fans have given up. and the thermo is ok because it runs fine when not stood still. says its probably a wiring fault or the fan controller has gone. though i thought this would cause some sort fault light to come on?! any ideas on whats best to do. they want to charge me 2 hours labour just to descover the fault (bout 120 ish).

    well thats my moan over. :motz:

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