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Couple of TTR questions?

AjM Feb 24, 2007

  1. AjM

    AjM Living in Blissful Ignorance

    I am looking at buying one but am interested to know is there any difference with the spec between 150, 180 and 225. Other then the engine of course? Things like heated seats etc, traction etc etc? I know things like Bose was an option all models. Thanks
  2. vagman

    vagman Member

    Don't bother with the 150, it is/was *****.

    Spring 2002 onwards, the 180q and 225q look similar.

    Both had 18" 9 spokes as standard and an alloy gearstick.

    The 225 can be easily be spotted as it has the two exhausts and silver headlight surrounds. Xenons were also standard on the 225.

    Internally, both cars were indentical, as were and Bose and 6CD.

    The 225 was obviously the faster of the two models and is the one that I would go for.

    Or if your budget can stretch, a 3.2 with DSG.

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