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couple of issues with new car

44ark Jun 3, 2012

  1. 44ark

    44ark New Member

    Hi guys

    Picked up the car today at a very good price but had a few niggles that need dealing with some I noticed and beat him up on the price with and a couple that have just come to light.

    There seems to be a bit of rev overrun on wot when changing gear seems fine at normal driving though.

    Drivers door makes a funny hollow knock when closing like something is a bit loose inside.

    Both electric seats seem to not have the heating working nor the up and down adjustment of he seat.

    The computer screen seems to have suffered from the missing pixels prob too.

    Indicators don't seem to be working but have ordered new hazard switch after reading on here.

    But it does seem quick and a strong engine which is what I wanted and brought it as a project

    Any ideas on hopefully easy fixes on the above??

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