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Couple Of Exhaust Questions.

Lavis89 Aug 18, 2014

  1. Lavis89

    Lavis89 Well-Known Member Regional Rep Team Sprint Audi S4 Audi A3

    My car has been treating me pretty well recently and flew through it's mot on friday so thought i would treat it. Im looking at going stage 2 towards the end of the year so want to find a 3" exhaust system to mate to my 3" dp/decat. What options do i have here? i've seen the ebay kit prawn etc used on their FWD cars, but guessing they wouldn't fit a quattro car. Am i pretty much limited to Milltek or a custom jobby?
  2. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep

    A Milltek is 2.75" IIRC - you'd have to get a custom made exhaust system for a 3" Catback

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