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couple of engine swap questions

Joshstan May 2, 2014

  1. Joshstan

    Joshstan Member

    Hi all as some of you may have seen i am putting an agu engine into my s3 (APY) i just have a couple of questions
    firstly the AGU has no aircon am i right in thinking i can just bolt the aircon compressor onto the AGU engine and use the APY aux belt
    secondly is sensors i am hoping i can just use the sensors from the AGU block these will be the sensors actually in the block like the cam position sensor crank sensor and the oil pressure switch
    as far as inlet manifold goes i am putting the APY inlet manifold (small port) onto the AGU head (large port) can i just use an agu gasket for this same with the exhaust manifold
    also the agu does not have the hole in the block for the SAI so obviously this will not be going back in what do i do with the plug im guessing its time to get a resistor and a soldering iron out
    thanks in advance for any help

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