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Couple of bits of work on pre-facelift S3 (side sills, re-map, wonky wheel!)

Greggers Mar 19, 2011

  1. Greggers

    Greggers Member

    Morning all, thought I'd write all three subjects in one post to save taking up space...

    I'll start with the most obvious (as I just had to pull it from the car to get home without it scraping!):
    - Black plastic sills along the door, the nearside one fell off except for one screw this morning, sill looks okay, need a new mounting set I think. This is after the driver's side one had come away from the body at one end.
    Is this a common problem? Difficult to fix?

    Then there's the remap I think the car needs. After an engine rebuild a couple of years ago (car was then left in storage til recently) and a hybrid turbo being added, the car is slow, and uses tonnes of fuel. Averaging about 240 miles to a tank, and that's taking it easy.
    I think it's probably overfuelling pretty badly...any tips on the best place for a live map please?

    And finally...does anyone know which car are these wheels off, an old S4 potentially? They're 18", 9 spokes).
    Nearside front is letting out air, I think it's wonky, so looking to buy just one wheel.

    (Picture is not recent, so you can't see the missing sills!)

    Any hints, tips, thoughts of directions will be greatly appreciated!

  2. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    The sill clips that run along the door will be cheap from audi I would imagine. I could do with one myself.

    As for mapping, does it have all the hybrid supporting mods? The hybrid so I've heard won't run well at all on a generic map. I'd take it to badger5 if I wer you as bill is the man for this.

    The wheels are b5 rs4 wheels, reps or genuine, the back of the wheel will tell you that. Genuines aren't cheap on eBay, but its obv much needed.
  3. Greggers

    Greggers Member

    Thanks a lot, appreciate the help.

    re. the hybrid, there's been nothing at all done to set the car up to run with it, so I reckon this is a pretty important thing to have sorted.
    Will follow up with badger, thanks.

    Have checked the wheels, they're genuine. Think one of them's slightly cracked though so I'm after one of them now, not sure how easy it'll be to just pick up one though!

    Thanks again

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