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Coupe 16v

- Jun 13, 2005

  1. Guest

    Hi all,
    I'm looking at buying a early 90's 2litre 16v coupe and my budget is £1500. I've driven one and really liked it, although unfortunately the oil sump was leaking like a sieve!

    Has anyone got any tips for things to look for when buying thse cars? (apart from making sure it has full service history.)

    Secondly, just as a rough guide, how much do things like the clutch, cambelt and exhaust cost to replace.?Most other things I can do myself so I'm not fussed about them.

    Thirdly, are the cars galvanised all over, or is it just some parts? I've seen one for sale recently that has rust forming on the drivers side wing arch - should I give it wide berth?

    Sorry, alot of questions. Any help gratefully received.

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