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Could running higher octane fuel put engine management light on?

dellboy May 5, 2011

  1. dellboy

    dellboy Member

    I have always run my S3 on super unleaded (97 RON) but last weekend i filled it up for the first time with shell v power which is 100 RON here in Switzerland.

    Anyway after about a third of the tank was used the engine management light came on. Is this just a coincidence or could it be related to the sudden jump in octane levels. The tank was very close to empty and i filled it right up so its hardly dilluted at all with 97 RON.

    The car is still running fine, although i have been keeping off boost as much as possible since the light came on.
  2. Sock

    Sock Shark in a Goldfishes clothing

    I would find out what has made the light come on first? ie see what codes come up?

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