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Cost of repairs

Slick S3 Oct 27, 2008

  1. Slick S3

    Slick S3 Member

    Just to see hwt you guys think of these prices i got quoted from an independant audi specialist....prices include supply of part, fitting and vat.

    Front top suspension monutings and bearings £168
    front anti roll bar and bushes £178
    rear anti roll bar and bushes £164
    both cv gaitors on osf driveshaft £150
    outer cv gaitor on nsf driveshaft £129
    pre catalist lambda probe £211
    Throttle body clean and set £68

    Its a shock to say the least, what bits would be i be better off buying myself and getting a local mechanic to fit.
    Any feedback would be great guys:sm4:
  2. Slick S3

    Slick S3 Member

  3. alijames

    alijames Active Member

    I did front ARB links a couple of weeks ago. £116 including labour, and using genuine Audi parts.

    Not done any of the others...
  4. Throttle body clean and set £68!!!! If you have access to vagcom its very easy to do yourself. Four bolts and one jubilee clip to remove. Spray with carb cleaner to clean (£2 halfords). Get a new paper gasket (£1.10 from audi). Refit and run the throttle body realignment procedure on vagcom (http://wiki.ross-tech.com/index.php/Throttle_Body_Alignment_(TBA))
  5. Slick S3

    Slick S3 Member

    that does sound a lot for just cleaning the throttle body, but unfortunately i don't have a vag-com! thinking of buying one though.
  6. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    are you replacing the ARB with a uprated one either R32 or H&R ??? It seams strange that the front and rear are amost the same price as the rear is easy to do and takes at least 1/2 the time of the front one. Deffo worth upgrading them as the std one is sleved and that splits on the S3 whereas the R32 one isnt sleved. (same bush used for both )

    also only £21 difference between 1 cv boot and 2 .... seems odd but maybe he hasn`t itemised it all correctly.

    top mounts take almost as long as fitting new spring and shocks so sounds about right.

    a lot of those jobs are quite easy DIY stuff, Front ARB is the hardest of the lot probally.

    cv joints require a tool to do the clamps up that hold them on and it can be tricky doing the CV boots if things wont come apart like track rod end nut.
  7. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

    get some quotes elsewhere and compare
  8. Audi_Alex

    Audi_Alex Member

    I need to get some similar things to what Slick needed so i got a price for top mounts: £82.50 + VAT per side, front Driveshaft CV Boots inner and outer replaced: 109+VAT per side.

    Seems pretty cheap compared to above, and that was Inde Tech in Milton Keynes. If I had ramp, i'd have a go myself... never mind!

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